Benji – Apricot Mini Poodle (Male) $1,400.00 + Tax

Sex: Male

Breed: Miniature Poodle
Age: 11 Week(s)
Date of Birth: May 26, 2022
Date Available: August 3, 2022

Benji is a handsome, Mini Poodle Puppy with apricot and red coat and white markings on his chest and feet. He's very outgoing and gets along great with everybody!

The puppies in this litter are AKC registered and microchipped in addition to having their tails docked according to the breed standard.

Benji Weighed 2.12 lb. at his 7 week check up.

Updated on all vaccinations and will go home with a one-year health guarantee.

Mini Poodles stand between 10 and 15 inches tall but retain all the amazing qualities of the larger Standard Poodle breed such as high intelligence, a friendly attitude, and a hypoallergenic coat. With proper care and socialization, your Mini Poodle will grow to be a lovable family pet with plenty of energy and an eagerness to please! Because these small dogs are quite active, daily exercise such as running or playing fetch is recommended to keep your Poodle fit and healthy. Although the Mini Poodle’s curly coat is low-shedding, you’ll need to brush it daily to remove any matting and you’ll also need to schedule regular grooming appointments for a neat and tidy appearance!

What goes home with your puppy?
- One year health guarantee.
- The original health check from the vet.
- A complete list of the vaccinations and dewormers.
- Royal Canin extra small breed puppy food.
- AKC registration information.
- Detailed instructions for your new puppy!

Our health guarantee requires that you take your new puppy for another health exam within 72 hours of pickup (excluding weekends). If you place a deposit on a puppy, please also schedule an appointment to ensure a prompt vet visit. This process helps ensure that you will be getting a healthy puppy!

My goal is to have a happy customer and a happy puppy!

A $200.00 refundable* deposit is needed to reserve a puppy, and pickup times can be scheduled Monday - Saturday.

Please call or text Kayla at (260) 463-6060

*refundable deposit the deposit can only be refunded if after meeting the puppy in person, you decide not to take the puppy after all or wish to transfer your deposit to another puppy.

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